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Hello! Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! My name is Grace Christie also known as the owner of Graceful Acres. 

So we all know why you're here, to get a little dirt on the gardener... well, let's dig in...

Growing up on the families farm taught the true beauty of nature. Now I can't say that "since day one I knew what I wanted to do." I mean, each day opens a new door of possibilities, my mind is still open to all the potential avenues of this business. But somewhere around my twenty second year of life I took the plunge into greenhouse production and flower farming, which each day I find my heart swell with pride as I check on my crops which leads me to believe i made the right choice.

I attended the university of Connecticut where I received my degree in horticulture. During my schooling I worked in a variety of

businesses from greenhouse production,  to

inventory management,  to landscaping and even

dairy farming. Gaining incomparable knowledge

about my wants and needs, my industry and

inadvertently about how the world works. All

of those experiences helped to shape me and

lead me towards wanting to start my own business

and gave me the tools to be the type of business

owner I wanted to be. 

When I started the field as a hobby it became clear to

me that I should pursue it as a career given the positive

feedback from the community and the peace that it

brought me. It allowed me to add a extra special nook

of beauty to this town, which little did I realize that

popularity it would gain. Many people approached me

over the past year curious as to how they could have

time there and to walk around and take it all in. Having

people show interest in wanting to be on the farm was

a pleasant surprise to me.  So as of 2019 I have opened my calendar to the public so they can book times for events or photo shoots. 

But with a little magic and pixie dust here I am! Breaking into the cut flower business has been no joyride there has been many unexpected turns on this path. But after 2 years under my belt I can say that I have a handle on this industry. With that being said the impact it has created is incomparable to any other form of agriculture

I have ever been affiliated with. 

As I continue to strive forward in this industry I really am turning to my customers and community to share their opinions and help the business to grow in the best


So as you drive by, stop in and take in the beauty for yourself and even bring some home with you ! 

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