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2023 Membership 

July 20th - Aug 24th

6 weeks for $120.00

Click on the link below to join!

*Please read carefully through all of the terms before signing up*

CSA FAQs and Terms of Service 


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. To Graceful Acres this is the production and distribution system that directly connects the farmers and consumers. People in the community can buy "shares" of the farms harvest pre-season to guarantee a portion of that years harvest. A share or as known at Graceful Acres a Membership thus creates the consumer as 'co-producers' in the farm, sharing the risk and rewards with the farm family. Each consumer receives equal shares of the farm fresh product. 

Your share will help to support and grow the small flower farm in your community. 

Each week on the chosen pick up day, you can stop by the stand to get your bouquets. Each week will be a uniquely handmade bouquet of fresh blooms from the farm. As the season progresses so do the blooms! Flowers will bloom at various times throughout the growing season thus creating a wonderful ever changing variety of bouquets. 



Where can I pick up my flowers? 

Flowers can be picked up on every Thursday afternoon during the Membership you signed up for. Just sign your name on the sheet and take your bouquet home to your family.  


Can I have my flowers delivered? 

At this time Graceful Acres is not in the position to offer this luxury.

What if I can't pick up my flowers?

If you are unable to get your bouquet, we recommend you ask someone else to pick them up for you or the flowers will be donated. You will not be able to pick up your flowers on the following day the farm will have already donated the bouquets.

Unfortunately if you do not communicate with us that you will not be able to pick up your flowers the bouquet is donated. This does not mean that the following week you can grab two bouquets. We make just enough for everyone to get one bouquet each week. Taking a second will negatively  impact another customer, which is simply unfair. 


What if I go on vacation?

If you plan to be away during the time of pick up, we ask that you have someone else pick up your bouquet or let us know where you would rather you have your flowers go. 


Can I specify which flowers I want in my weekly bouquet? 

Unfortunately it is difficult to provide all varieties of flowers throughout the growing season. If we started creating custom bouquets for each member it would be very difficult to keep track of. If you need us to leave a certain bloom out due to an allergy we are happy to oblige but if you would like a custom bouquet please call and place an order. This is separate from the CSA membership and will incur a separate cost.

Can I take the jar that the bouquet is in? 

We ask that you please leave the jars behind so that we can refill them the following week with your beautiful blooms. 

Can I buy a membership for someone else as a gift? 

Of course! Just have them read over the terms of our CSA to be sure they agree and specify that it is a gift on our registration. 


Can I cancel my membership and refund my money? 

We count on the CSA revenue to kick off our season. But we know that life can have its twists and turns. For our 2019 CSA subscriptions, refunds will be available one week after your CSA subscription. 


Joining our CSA means supporting our farm that is completely at the will of the weather, critters and other unforeseeable issues. Before you cancel your subscription consider transferring your subscription to a loved one who would appreciate fresh local flowers each week. 


If any CSA members behavior is less than pleasant to our staff or owner that is deemed inappropriate or uncalled for the subscription will be cancelled without refund. 


We thank you and look forward to sharing our blooms with you! 


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