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Graceful Acres is a new venture based on an old idea. Being a fifth generation farmer leaves one with large shoes to fill.  It's hard to leave your mark in a farming community like South Glastonbury CT, that is already riddle with farming legends who have left their legacy behind to grow. 


Flower farms are a new and upcoming form of agriculture in the Northeast, so by starting one the owner was unsure if the risk would pay off.  But the farm has truly generated some of the most positive energy she has ever encountered.  Never expecting it leave such a positive impact on the community and believes it has a lot of room to flourish in any very helpful direction for the community as a whole.

The farm started with greenhouse production which led to the cut flower field and now is slowly becoming a destination for photographers and people who are just looking to escape alike but also remains a production field producing a wide variety of cut flowers. 

Cut flowers are sold at the farm stand on the property, in a couple local grocers, wholesalers

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